[Scorigami] is the art of building final scores that have never happened before in NFL history. Due to the unique nature of how points are scored in (American) Football, where it is impossible to score 1 point on its own, as well as the rarity of the 2 point safety and 8 point touchdown and 2 point conversion, there are a lot of scores that are possible, but have never happened.

American Football can be such an absorbing sport to watch in part because the scoring system often results in tight finishes, influencing the tactics a team will employ whether they are defending a lead or trying to make up a deficit. It never occurred to me that this scoring system means that some scores are almost impossible, such as a 4-4 tie. Scorigiami is the name for a score that has never previously happened and a visualisation of every score that has happened so far. Unfortunately the Eagles losing 42-0 is not one of those impossible scores.