An image of me, in Morroco, eating snails. A long time ago.


This website has existed in some form since I began my career building websites in 2001. It has grown from a small portfolio of academic projects to somewhere I could showcase client work and write about web development, sharing thoughts and ideas about the rise of web standards along with code and experiments.

Over time the design has frequently changed. Coinciding with the start my own design consultancy, I wanted to draw a line between personal and professional so this version of the site embraces the current rebirth of the personal blog, looking back on an era of the web's history that I am particularly fond of.

About Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay

I'm a designer, primarily of digital products, living and working in London Tokyo Valencia. I've been making things for the web since 2001, first just developing sites and applications and then also designing them. Throughout, I've always been passionate about making the right product, for as many people as possible, on as many devices as possible. I'm currently doing that in the form of, my own design consultancy.

I'm also keen, but infrequent, photographer of questionable skill, though I try hard. I also love travel and food, and can always be found espousing the benefits of both in the form of travelling to or living in Japan. You can find me around the web in the usual places as beseku but the best way to contact me is via old fashioned email.