About the website

This website has existed here in some form since 2001, first as a portfolio and then as a weblog, when they started to become a thing. The design of the site has changed every year or two, which is why nothing much was ever written here.

This version of the site is hosted on WordPress and uses one of the default themes. It’s the first time I’ve let someone else do all the work to try and focus on the content — let’s see how long that lasts.

About Ben Sekulowicz-Barclay

I’m an English × Scottish × Polish user-experience designer and former developer. I’ve been making things for the web since the nineties, though people only started paying me in 2004. In that time, I’ve built or designed apps and websites for musicians, start-ups, government departments and Fortune 500 companies. I now run my own design consultancy at Llama Studio.

I grew up in the UK and lived in London for 28 years before moving to Tokyo in 2009. After three years in Japan and another seven back in London, I’ve recently relocated to Valencia, Spain, with my wife, Ali 👩, and our cat, Ned 🐱.